Tag: Confession

  • Like A Rock

    Today I had one of those iTunes moments again. In the quiet of my office, my (VERY) random iTunes collection softly played in the background. The song “Like A Rock” […]

  • What Are You Preparing For?

    After recently completing the Columbus Half Marathon, the running calendar is now clear with no races on the horizon. Translation = I am not motivated to go for a run […]

  • I Hope You See Jesus

    I’m not sure what the pull is today, but I have this overwhelming feeling that I need to be honest. I need the permission to speak freely (thanks Anne Jackson). […]

  • Why I Quit Fantasy Sports

    It’s that time of year when every guys email inbox is filled with invitations to join random fantasy football leagues. It wasn’t so long ago that I accepted any and […]

  • Time To Replace The Filter?

    Every summer, we turn on the AC and within a few days there is ice forming on the pipe that leads from the central air conditioning unit outside to the […]

  • Day off or off day?

    Thanks to the 4th of July falling on Sunday, yesterday was a “day off” from my employer. Like many others, I awoke to a day with no work on the […]

  • Some Kind of Battle

    A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the following quote by the great philosopher “unknown”. “Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” -Unknown […]

  • Me and my big mouth

    As Father’s Day approaches, I got a lesson in humility and a reminder that little ears are never too far away. Without going into a lot of details, let me […]

  • What You’re Hiding

    This probably falls under “Too Much Information”, but I have got some ugly feet. I mean my dogs won’t be winning any “best of show” anytime soon. Part of it […]

  • Where’s Your Water Cooler?

    I was going through email recently and found that our friend Matt Wojnarowski has set up a twitter account (follow him here). As I was going through my version of […]

  • What’s Behind You

    Image by kharied via Flickr Now that spring has started to sprung (poor english intended), it has been so good to hit the streets again for a run. The “dreadmill” […]

  • Thoughts on Tiger

    Like most of the rest of the world, I just watched the streaming video of Tiger Woods statement of apology. Unlike most of the internet world, I am not going […]

  • Fearless Book Review

    This post is not about me. This review is not about me. The subject and the story leading into my review, however, are about me. More specifically, the subject is […]

  • City On Our Knees

    Nearly one year ago our world was turned upside down. If you’ve been following along that long, you will remember that if we could hit reverse on the DVR, there […]

  • Somewhere In The Middle

    I have lost count of the amount of times I have posted this song. It should probably tell me something that literally EVERY TIME I hear it, I pause and […]

  • Restore To Me….

    Have you ever restored something? I can remember when I was in High School, it was a really big deal to find an old car and restore it. While I […]

  • The Foundation

    There was one other quote that I had to commit to memory from the book “The Difference A Father Makes” by Ed Tandy McGlasson. When I read it, it practically […]

  • Something in my eye

    I was checking out my reader feeds tonight and this post on digg.com caught my eye. The post was dedicated to the “10 movies it’s okay for men to cry […]

  • I’m A Jerk

    I usually keep my Friday posts pretty fun but this one captured me today. I was surfing YouTube for something totally different and got caught up watching clips of “The […]

  • Damaged

    “My heart’s so low, I’m so much to manage. I think you should know that I’ve been damaged” – TLC I once read the book “To Own a Dragon” by […]

  • What’s Your Isaac?

    Somewhere along the road of this “journey to nowhere” (Charlotte), my good friend and mentor Denny said something I have not forgotten. When we were discussing what all of this […]

  • Why We’re Staying

    Rather than fumble over words I can’t begin to explain, I’ll let someone much more qualified explain why we are not going to Charlotte. I have a peace this morning […]

  • Give Me Your Eyes

    There is no other song that lyrically describes where my head is right now. You might have noted that in posts like this one, this one, and this one. Or […]

  • What You Believe

    “You can say what you think, but you will live what you believe” – Mark Hall I flew Southwest Airlines home from Chicago tonight. If you’re familiar with Southwest they […]

  • Follow You, Follow Me

    “I will follow you will you follow me All the days and nights that we know will be” – Genesis It took me 11 years but I finally realized something. […]

  • I Missed My Moment

    In the book “Chasing Daylight” Erwin McManus tells the a gut-wrenching story about being at the beach with his son. They see a paralyzed man on crutches making his way […]

  • I Am

    I had to laugh this morning when I reflected on the excitement of last weekend. I was amused by how excited we can get when another person signs their name […]

  • “Yours”

    While I was checking the RSS feeds tonight I read something I just had to share. All of this is credit to the guys at StereoTruth.net. They posted the news […]

  • Your Moment

    I like the commercials for ATT Small Business where the actors say “Welcome to my moment“. I couldn’t help but think of them today while I was cutting the grass. […]

  • True

    A few weeks ago the family and I were on a road trip. The 80’s station on Sirius radio was the music of the moment and prompted the following discussion: […]


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