Where is your joy?

I’ve been struggling with joy lately. It would seem the daily grind, growing older, stress, situations and, well, “life” have made it feel like jumping into a roller coaster of emotions. Up and down, round and round. The hills are great, the valleys are not. In my devotional time this morning, I was reminded ofContinue reading “Where is your joy?”

"Black Friday"

If you’re like me, you are probably just about to go crazy after all of the “Black Friday” ads on TV today. The parade this morning was out of control. It was like a 3 hour commercial with a little parade mixed in occasionally. If you’re headed out in the morning or just making yourContinue reading “"Black Friday"”

The Lord of the Gift

One blessing I can never put into words is the blessing of some great friends in my life. I say this not to boast, rather that I am amazed at the way that God has intertwined our lives in his providence. As I was reading about spiritual gifts in “If You Want to Walk onContinue reading “The Lord of the Gift”