• I Feel The Need…

    I’m going mobile again…literally. This time it will be really, really, really fast (roughly 175MPH). At least for 3 laps. For the third time this year,  I have the blessing […]

  • Parking Lot Party

    Heather, Austin and I are headed to our first NASCAR event on Sunday. I had the privileged of hanging out with Elliot Sadler before the Parking Lot Party yesterday. I’m […]

  • What’s Happening…

    1. Over the weekend our garage door started acting up (among other things, it came off of the chain). When we got home, I just opened it “the old fashion […]

  • NASCAR Update

    In case you missed it….My new favorite (*cough* bandwagon *cough*) NASCAR guy didn’t do so well at the race in Dover. Checking out the results, Kasey Kahne came in 31st […]

  • Blog Karma

    How about a quick shout out to my new favorite NASCAR Driver Kasey Kahne winning the Coca Cola 600! Must be some blog karma workin’ after my post about him […]

  • Just Wondering..

    This struck me as funny the other day. I don’t follow a whole love of NASCAR, but I caught the celebration at the end of the All-Star race in Charlotte […]

  • The week that was..

    As you can see from the picture above, I made the trip to the Daytona Speedway to take part in the Daytona 500 Experience. There is some cosmic force that […]

  • Kansas Speedway

    We held a customer forum this morning at Kansas Speedway. Since everything I know about NASCAR I learned from watching the Disney Pixar movie “Cars”, this was an experience for […]


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