Road Trip Sermon Notes

It has been a few months since I last posted “Sermon Notes”. Truthfully, an entire teaching series on the Beatitudes went by without me getting any of them up here to the blog. I can’t say that I will get them up here every week, but I thought I would get you all caught up on the most recent teaching series at Journey Church. Sadly we will miss next week and 2 other weeks of this series while we are (ironically enough) on Road Trips to Half Marathons. Here is a taste of the first 2 weeks of the series: … Continue reading Road Trip Sermon Notes

God Had Other Plans

I hate the treadmill. I really do. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but the nearly 2 feet of snow outside make it pretty difficult to train anywhere else. With a half marathon looming a week from Sunday, I have to get the miles in somewhere. My plans tonight were to get in a quick 4 miles, type a recap of our January half marathon in Phoenix and call it an evening. God had other plans. I love when He does that…. Our Pastor recently started a series on the Beatitudes. With house church looming tomorrow night, … Continue reading God Had Other Plans

Sermon Notes – As Expected

This week continued the sermon series based on the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” as we looked at the question “Does Life Always Turn Out As Expected”. It is so funny how this happens. I could have just waited a few days on the post I did last week about “What Might Have Been” and used that for my personal application to this sermon notes. I sat listening to the sermon and thinking how just 24 hours earlier we were back in Charlotte, North Carolina where life very well may have “turned out as expected”. You all know the story … Continue reading Sermon Notes – As Expected

Sermon Notes – Do Angels Have Wings

Sunday we began our first message in the “It’s a Wonderful Life” series with the question, “Do Angels Have Wings”. Below are my notes followed by a personal application: 1. Ministry of Angels Towards God A)Worship Him (Rev 4:6-8) B)Serving Him (Psalm 103:20) C) Ruling -Over evil men -Over Nature (Rev 7:2) -Over powers of darkness (Eph 4:12) 2. Ministry of Angels Towards Jesus A)Birth – Predicted (Matt 1:20-21), Announced (Luke 2:8-12) B) Life – Protected (Matt 2:13) and Provided (Matt 4:11) C) Resurrection (Matt 28:1-2) D) Ascension (Acts 1:9-11) E) Return (Jude 14) *Note – Notice where they were … Continue reading Sermon Notes – Do Angels Have Wings

Sermon Notes – Thankfulness

When I started posting “Sermon Notes” late in the summer, I was surprised by the emails and comments from those that follow this series weekly. Those notes are just from those that were willing to send some encouragement to keep posting. My hunch is that there are some out there that read them and have not written in or commented. I count it a blessing to have the technology to share church with each of you once a week. I actually thought of each of you tonight as I sat down in front of my laptop. The service this morning … Continue reading Sermon Notes – Thankfulness

Sermon Notes – A Church Made To Go!

httpvhd:// As you can see from the clip above, we wrapped up the series from Acts 3 – 7 yesterday by taking a look at witnessing. Specifically, we looked at Phillip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8:26-36. Reasons Most Christians Don’t Witness: Not able to do evangelism as well as professionals Too timid Fear of how people will respond Elements of Effective Evangelism Obedient messenger (vs. 26) Hungry heart (vs. 27-31) God’s Word (vs. 34) Gospel and Jesus (vs. 34-35) Public profession (vs. 36-38) Phillip’s Principles For Effective Witnessing: Obey the spirits leading Look for hungry hearts Approach people with … Continue reading Sermon Notes – A Church Made To Go!


On Sunday morning, we looked at Acts 6:8 – 8:3 and how Stephen faced the “ultimate opposition”. In preparation for home group this week, I found an interesting story regarding opposition. Chuck Swindoll shared this story in one of his messages: In the northeastern United States, codfish are a big commercial business. There is a market for eastern cod all over, especially in the sections farthest removed from the northeastern coastline. But the public demand poses a problem for the shippers. At first, they froze the cod, then shipped them elsewhere, but freezing them takes away much of the flavor. … Continue reading Opposition

Sermon Notes – Suffering

httpvhd:// Yesterday morning we had a guest Pastor speak at our church. Steve Smith, Assistant Pastor/Youth at Lindworth Baptist Church (not the wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers), spoke on the subject of “Suffering” from the text in Romans 8:17-28. While Romans 8:28 is one of the most quoted verses, suffering is something that none of us want to talk about. Ever. Below are my notes from the service and the personal application (my take-away). 1. Suffering will be worth it all for our inheritance. A. New glorified bodies B. We will rule with Christ C. We will be with … Continue reading Sermon Notes – Suffering

Sermon Notes 10/4

Week 3 on the series “A Church Made To Grow” from Acts 3-7 This weeks sermon: “Generosity” Acts 4:32-36 Generosity can be identified by the actions of the heart. It flows out of the heart in 5 ways: 1. Connected to others (vs. 32) 2. Doesn’t claim possessions as their own. (vs. 32) 3. Commits to meeting the needs of others (vs. 34) 4. Trusts the leadership (vs. 34-37) 5. Filled with grace (vs. 33) Grace is what gets you through. Grace can be seen in our giving. 2 Corinthians 9:6 Grace giving should be generous Grace giving should be … Continue reading Sermon Notes 10/4

Sermon Notes 9/27 – Handling Opposition

We continue to be in a series from Acts looking at “The Marks of a Healthy Church“. Specifically this morning we looked at Acts 4 and how to handle opposition. 1. Opposition is expected (John 15:30) – Comes at the least likely time – Comes from the most unlikely people 2. Opposition is an opportunity to tell the truth – Emboldened them to speak to their critics (Acts 4:10-11) – Emboldened them to claim Christ (Acts 4:12) (Matthew 7:13-14) – Silences your critics (Acts 4:14) 3. Opposition is a test of our love and loyalty – What do you talk … Continue reading Sermon Notes 9/27 – Handling Opposition

Sermon Notes 9/20

This week continued our series from Acts 3-7 entitled “The Marks of a Healthy Church” Last week we looked at two marks which were: I. They get involved with hurting people II. They are filled with wonder and amazement This week we looked at three more ways to identify a healthy church. III. Deflect the glory away from themselves and on to God (vs. 10-11) “If you can explain it, then God is not in it” -Bob Cook “It was all God, it was all grace” IV. Be faithful to speak for God A. Speak the truth (13-15) B. Speak … Continue reading Sermon Notes 9/20

Sermon Notes – 9/14

Church Made To Grow – What Makes a Healthy Church? (Acts 3:1-8) Yesterday marked the start of a new sermon series from the book of Acts. Specifically, the fall series will look at how scripture instructs the early church to grow. We looked at the story from Acts 3:1-8 where Peter and John encounter a man crippled from birth. Their interaction and reaction to this man can symbolize the marks of a healthy church. Below are my notes from yesterdays sermon: Two Marks of a Healthy Church: 2. Get involved with hurting people. A. Stop to see people in need. … Continue reading Sermon Notes – 9/14

Sermon Notes – “Keep Singing”

A little different approach to this weeks “Sermon Notes”. Our church had the blessing of having a special guest for the holiday weekend, Dennis Jernigan. While Dennis didn’t preach on a specific topic, he shared his music, his heart and his story. There was so much there to reflect upon, I really can’t put it all in one post. God has blessed Dennis with an incredible ability to validate those in the audience to be “real” for a few minutes. He often says “let’s get honest” and that, for so many (yours included) is often very difficult to do. Of … Continue reading Sermon Notes – “Keep Singing”

Sermon Notes – "Keep Singing"

A little different approach to this weeks “Sermon Notes”. Our church had the blessing of having a special guest for the holiday weekend, Dennis Jernigan. While Dennis didn’t preach on a specific topic, he shared his music, his heart and his story. There was so much there to reflect upon, I really can’t put it all in one post. God has blessed Dennis with an incredible ability to validate those in the audience to be “real” for a few minutes. He often says “let’s get honest” and that, for so many (yours included) is often very difficult to do. Of … Continue reading Sermon Notes – "Keep Singing"

Sermon Notes 8/23

Today’s sermon was entitled “With a Little Help From My Friends” and was based on Proverbs 1:5. This was a continuation of the sermon series by Andy Stanley called “The Best Question Ever”. Before I get to this weeks notes, a quick “heads up” that there won’t be any sermon notes from me next week. Heather and I are crazy enough to be running in the Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon next Sunday morning and sadly, will miss church. There has to be an easier way to skip church than running 13.1 miles!!! Outline: 1. Wise people know when they … Continue reading Sermon Notes 8/23

Sermon Notes 8/15

Today’s sermon was a continuation of the Andy Stanley Series on “The Best Question Ever: Fool-proofing Your Life“. The topic today was entitled “Living on the Edge” and dealt specifically with the issue of our morality. Powerful, powerful stuff. For some odd reason I was reminded of this photo of Andre Agassi in Dubai (see video at end of post). He and Roger Federrer were invited to play a game of tennis for fun on this court. Each time I see this picture, I wonder if the thrill of the moment and game would have taken them one step too … Continue reading Sermon Notes 8/15

Sermon Notes 8/2

“Your greatest regret could have been avoided had you asked The Best Question Ever and then acted on your conclusion”. Oh to have a time machine! If we could all only have “that one back”. Since we can’t, so many of us have learned to grow from the mistake and make a better decision next time. This weeks sermon notes, for me, should go a long way towards helping me make those decisions. The service was a broadcast of a teaching from Andy Stanley of North Point Community Church and based on the book by Andy of the same title.  This … Continue reading Sermon Notes 8/2

Sermon Notes

  I didn’t forget about this weeks “Sermon Notes”. Actually, I didn’t have any. Don’t tell anyone, but my wife and I didn’t actually attend a Church on Sunday. We arrived home rather late on Saturday night from the wedding I was in and our kids were out of town. We took the opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest. The following conversation took place Sunday evening: The Boy – “Where did you go to Church this morning?” Me – “Mom and I went to Bedside Baptist Church. Pastor Pillow preached.” The Boy – (Blank Stare) My Wife … Continue reading Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes

Yesterday morning I heard a great sermon about the “Foolishness of David” from 2 Samuel 24: 1-17. Any sermon that involves the life, times, decisions, failure and success of King David always hits a chord with me. I really believe that the scripture in Acts 13: 22-23 exists so that we all know to take note of Davids life. For it was in this scripture that David was described as “A man after Gods own heart”. Isn’t that the target for each of us? Wouldn’t we want the same said of our lives when all is said and done? Knowing … Continue reading Sermon Notes