Painful Prayers

As we enter this week that means so much to the Christian faith, I thought this clip by Mark Driscoll would help set the stage. I have posted this clip multiple times, but it is for no other reason than I need the reminder myself. How do you pray in the painful times? How do you pray when it just doesn’t seem to make sense? How do you pray when you are troubled? Maybe this clip will help us all in those times. “Don’t get me out of it…get me through it” Continue reading Painful Prayers

32 Hours: The Church In Haiti

I interrupt my 40-Day Blog fast to post this sermon from Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. While I have been away, I have been challenged to use the power of the blog to share links and giving opportunities which I have been made aware of. I have battled between giving in to the fast for something so important as the events in Haiti. Throughout this time away, I have been following and monitoring the progress of Pastors Mark Driscoll and James McDonald as they have launched “Churches Helping Churches” to respond to the devastation in Haiti.  I challenge each of you … Continue reading 32 Hours: The Church In Haiti

Day Eight – Persecuted

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven –Matthew 5:10 Well here we are at the end of this eight day series. I’m not sure how many of you have followed along, or worked through the beatitudes the past eight days too. I know that studying and researching these key verses has challenged me to look at several areas of my journey. There is still much work to do. I guess if it was up to me, I would close on a higher note than that of persecution. Persecution brings such negative … Continue reading Day Eight – Persecuted

Summer Reading List

An interesting thing happened last week as I was cleaning out the archives of this blog. I realized that there is a direct connection between personal growth and the times when I was reading consistently. I chalked up my lack of personal growth reading recently to a shortage in new book releases. Boy was I wrong! A visit to Lifeway produced a list which will soon be filled at CBD. Although summer is speeding by, here is the quick list of books I hope to power through in the next few months. 1. “Vintage Jesus” by Mark Driscoll 2. “Winners … Continue reading Summer Reading List


Below are some of my other notes from the sermon on Humility by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church Seattle: “Nothing builds a church stronger and surer than humility. Nothing breaks and destroys a church faster or more suddenly than Pride” “Pride gives a church a false sense of strength and longevity” “When people ask me about Mars Hill, I tell them that I feel like I’m a kite and Jesus is a Hurricane” “What we have been working on for 11 years can be undone by one or two prideful people. That is how fragile community is.” “Pride so … Continue reading Pride


I recently heard a sermon by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle on the subject of humility. You can find him on iTunes by searching for Mars Hill Church Seattle. I am taking some time to evaluate and process what I heard and how to apply it. More to come on that… Here are “10 Recommendations to Clothe Yourself in Humility” 1. Follow the truth wherever it leads. 2. Invite and pursue correction and council. 3. Learn from everyone including your critics 4. Repent quickly and thoroughly. 5. Celebrate Gods work in other Christians lives. 6. Cultivate a … Continue reading Humility

Ask Anything

Wow…3 posts today. I am SPENT! For all of you Mark Driscoll fans (or haters) out there, check out his latest idea called “Ask Anything“. He explains the purpose of the site (in true Driscoll fashion) in the video clip below. Hopefully he will podcast the series when he preaches it. The book should be a good read as well. Vote early, vote often! Continue reading Ask Anything