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Self Seeking, Easily Angered

Why oh why must this stuff all come together at once! Like the great philosopher George Costanza once said “Worlds are colliding and George is gettin’ upset!!!“. This weekend I had the opportunity to walk a mile in my wife’s shoes. Before you think I tried on a pair of her high heels, it’s a phrase, not literal. I am so glad she had the opportunity to attend “She Speaks” for the third time. It is a time of renewal for her and she really deserves it. It does, however, leave me in charge of the troops while she is gone.

“It is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered,”

Jumping back into this series on 1 Corinthians 13, I had to laugh when I reflected on the next two characteristics of love. I have spent the past 72 hours as a single Dad and wow….I appreciate my wife even more. I’ll be really honest and say that I have GREAT kids. Honestly. They made my job really easy. They help around the house and are great fun to be with. They rarely argue and when they do, it’s very brief. Its the details where things get pretty messy.

I stink at details.

My wife ROCKS at details

We’ve missed a lot of details while she has been gone (brushing hair, packing water, etc…)

The role of my wife is one which requires dying to self. It requires putting your agenda on the back burner to focus on the three other little people. As if that wasn’t enough, it doesn’t get easily angered. Kids can do that. Picking up the same pair of socks, 10 or 11 times a day can do that. Complaining, and whining can easily anger. The list goes on and on.

My wife is a great example of love in that she is not self seeking and easily angered. She has the patience of a saint and always sacrifices for our children. I got a glimpse this weekend of what that job looks like and she is much more qualified then I. She better models these traits of love. I’m glad she’s coming home today. I need to watch her more closely to see if I can learn them too.

A Message From Heaven

This is the first birthday I will celebrate since my Mom passed in March. From what my Sister and Dad have told me, she very much wanted to make the trip from Houston to Columbus to celebrate my 40th birthday. Just knowing that it was that important to her is so special to me. While I miss her, I am so thankful for the time we shared over these 40 years.

Last night, my Wife presented me with this letter. While the keystrokes came from her hand, I believe it was a message sent from Heaven. I cannot express how much I appreciate my bride being the vessel to deliver such beautiful words. I was blessed with a wonderful mother and am blessed with a bride that literally hears from heaven. From my wife:

I believe the Lord spoke to me while running the other day. He said…tell Him. I
said…okay. My love, if your Mom could be here today, I believe she would say something like this…

Dear Aaron,
I love you. I loved you from the first moment I knew about you. I would just think and think about you. I wondered what color eyes I would look at, how your little fingers would feel in my hands, what dreams God would place on your heart that would carry on throughout your life. Today you are 40. Today I love you with all that I am. I am very proud of you. I am proud of your heart for your Lord. I am proud of your love for your sister and your father. I am proud of the love you have for your wife. I am proud of your love for your children. You are carrying out the legacy that I dreamed of the day I found out about you. You and me against the world…

Aaron, I know your battles. I know your struggles. I know your strongholds. I know your weaknesses. Nothing is too big for Him. Never forget that.

Aaron, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I can’t be with you today. I’m sorry that my will to live just couldn’t hold on. I want you to know, I was there. I heard every word. I appreciate your love more than you will ever know. I appreciate your patience with me. I appreciate
your heart, it’s a heart after God’s, as it shows.

Aaron, never forget to love your family. Next to God, they are your first priority. You are raising Austin, Emma, and Brynn to be the ones to carry on His plan for their lives, and it will affect so many others.

Never forget that I love you. I can’t wait to see you soon.


13 Years!

Below is just a quick sampling of our 13 year journey. To my bride I say “thank you”. Words cannot express my appreciation for your love, your grace, your understanding and your support. As Montgomery Gentry once sang..”Lord knows I’m a lucky man”.

  • 1 apartment
  • 1 townhouse
  • 2 different houses
  • 10 different vehicles
  • 4 different jobs
  • 3 amazing children
  • 2 different dogs
  • Countless fish
  • 1 marathon together
  • 8 half marathons together
  • Countless dreams and memories
  • Countless grace, understanding, patience and support

Happy 13th Anniversary to my lovely bride. After all these years, you are still the grace of my life……

Grace of My Life – by Brian Litrell

A Little Crazy…

In one week, my wife and I will embark on an incredible 4 week journey. Actually, the 4 week journey will mark the completion of a journey we have been on for well over a year now. The journey has taken us to cities like Charlotte and Phoenix for half marathons. This will also mark the end of a whole lot of training. While most would say we’re crazy, the reality is that we’ll actually run less miles the next 4 weeks than we do on a “normal” week because we will be recovering on the weeks between races.

Next weekend we kick off the insanity by heading to Nashville, Tennessee with Matt and Rachel Wojnarowski and my running buddy Jeff Korbini (and family) to run in the Country Music Half Marathon. Matt, Rachel, Heather and I are staying with my friend David Schroeder. While it sounds creepy, David and I have connected through the internet. David and several others from Thomas Nelson Publishing have been very good to me, my family and this blog. I am excited to meet them all in person and share in the 13 miles for 13 years with Matt and Rachel.

The next weekend my wife will be running in the Capital City Half Marathon here in Columbus, Ohio. I am taking that weekend off. While I would love nothing more than to make it 4 straight weekends (and I sincerely mean that), we thought it best to have one of us be there with our kids and celebrate Mom’s big finish!

The next weekend my wife and I are headed to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon (13.1 miles). Another internet friend named Matt was kind enough to open his home to Heather and I for the weekend of the race. He and his wife will also join Heather and I as we cover the 13.1 miles of Indianapolis. Most exciting will be the 2 1/2 miles on the track of the Brickyard Race Track!

Our journey will end the next weekend in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio as I run in the Cleveland Half Marathon. Heather will be taking this one off and waiting at the finish line with the kids as I complete this race in one of my favorite cities (no kidding!!!). I am running this race to honor my Mom and anticipate some strong emotions and feelings as I cross that final finish line.

So there you have it. 3 Half Marathons in 4 weeks. We may be a bit crazy but I cannot wait. In June we are headed back to Outer Banks and that sand and sun will feel that much better knowing that this journey is complete. I would like to thank all of the friends and family that have supported us, opened their homes, given of their time and run the races with us. It has been a journey like no other and the friendships are more important than the medals we’ve received. In the words of Seal –

We’ll never survive unless we get a little crazy…..

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