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  • Then

    I heard this song today for the first time and immediately thought of my lovely bride.

  • Self Seeking, Easily Angered

    Why oh why must this stuff all come together at once! Like the great philosopher George Costanza once said “Worlds are colliding and George is gettin’ upset!!!“. This weekend I […]

  • A Message From Heaven

    This is the first birthday I will celebrate since my Mom passed in March. From what my Sister and Dad have told me, she very much wanted to make the […]

  • 13 Years!

    Below is just a quick sampling of our 13 year journey. To my bride I say “thank you”. Words cannot express my appreciation for your love, your grace, your understanding […]

  • A Little Crazy…

    In one week, my wife and I will embark on an incredible 4 week journey. Actually, the 4 week journey will mark the completion of a journey we have been […]

  • Something Special

    Because nothing says “I love you” like….

  • Time’s Up…

    Here it is..the training is over and all that awaits now is the race itself. I am really excited about this one for some reason. Maybe after running one already, […]

  • Happy Anniversary (Early)

    I’m early on this, but we’ll be on the beach when our Anniversary is official and no where near internet connections. To my wife I wish you a Happy Anniversary. […]

  • Cleveland Marathon Recap

    WOW! What a 48 hours that was. As I mentioned Friday, my sister was kind enough to register for us on Saturday. I received a text message that read “Congratulations, […]

  • Marriage and Running

    I’m sure you read the title and think I am going to make some analogy about how marriages are like a marathon and not a sprint. Okay, I might mention […]

  • No Stopping Saturday!

    We’ve  hit the road !  We’re in downtown Louisville, Kentucky this morning for the Anthem 5K run along the river walk. Temps are currently 60 degrees so it’s a perfect […]

  • Two Blogs, One Site!

    Many of you have been following my wife, Heather on her blog the past several months. She has become quite the blogger! After discussing it, we have decided to join […]

  • First Post of the Year!

    It is officially 2009 and this is my first post of the New Year. What an interesting spot I find myself in tonight. There is so much to look forward […]

  • Before and After

    Distance: 4.11 Miles Time: 39:43 Pace: 9’38” Per Mile Finishing it together with friends: Priceless! NOW LETS EAT!!!

  • 20 Days Until

    Somehow I let my marathon running wife talk me into this 4 mile run on November 27th. I can’t think of a better description of a “Turkey” trot. The good […]

  • Follow You, Follow Me

    “I will follow you will you follow me All the days and nights that we know will be” – Genesis It took me 11 years but I finally realized something. […]

  • Your Moment

    I like the commercials for ATT Small Business where the actors say “Welcome to my moment“. I couldn’t help but think of them today while I was cutting the grass. […]

  • True

    A few weeks ago the family and I were on a road trip. The 80’s station on Sirius radio was the music of the moment and prompted the following discussion: […]

  • Big Things!!!!

    Wow. This has been quite a week…. First off, it is with excitement and pride that I announce that my wife now has a BLOG!!! I think she got the […]

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to my wife Heather today. Brian Littrell sang it best…… “The Grace of My Life” I lie awake so often at night With something to read or something […]

  • Anniversary Tradition

    Saturday marks 11 years since my wife Heather and I said “I Do”. It’s been quite a ride. We are going to celebrate the 11 years by taking part in […]

  • No Truer Words

    This morning my wife kindly noted that “You have not posted anything in a while”. To which I replied that “I haven’t had much to say”. Yet sitting in my […]

  • Sunday is Mother’s Day

    I.O.U by Jimmy Dean You know most people look through their wallets or their pocket books and, way down at the bottom, past the credit cards and baby pictures, green […]

  • We’re Off to “Top Gun”

    In the morning my wife and I are boarding a plane to Palm Springs to attend the “Top Gun” event for our organization. It should be a great couple of […]

  • The Grace of My Life

    We have never been big on the whole “Valentines Day” thing. I guess I feel odd writing a big post about it too. I’ll let a guy that makes a […]

  • Food for thought

    “Your standard of beauty is your spouse” – Mark Driscoll Hear the entire sermon (HERE)

  • Just Because…

    Maybe I was inspired by Fred’s post to his wife today for her birthday. It also might have been because my wife and I have been running 100 miles an […]

  • By Request – Game Recap

    I was going to let the TAR HEEL WIN go by with nothing more than the pictures in my previous post. That being said, I have been getting emails, phone […]

  • Christmas Came Early…

    I just walked out of my office to find a box on the floor with my wife’s name on it. I gave it to her and she said “if that’s […]

  • She Ran the Race

    My wife completed her goal of running the Columbus Marathon yesterday. Her final time was 4:10! The weather was perfect and she completed the race which God called her to […]


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