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  • An Evening To Remember

    So I’ve been talking about the Rock and Worship Roadshow for several months now. I’ve been talking about Thousand Foot Krutch even longer. Little did I know when “the boy” […]

  • All Good

    If you’re checking the blog to see me go on a rant after the Tar Heels lose to Duke it’s not going to happen. It’s all good. I won’t go […]

  • Guide Them Home

    On New Years Day, “the boy” and I ran in an annual 5K. This was my third year to run this race and his first. I run 4 to 5 […]

  • A Thousand Foot Christmas

    What can I say…I am willing to admit I have what my friend Jeff calls a “Thousand Foot Crush” on Thousand Foot Krutch. So what would Christmas be without a […]

  • A Night To Remember

    So what if Lebron James is gone. So what if former Tar Heel Danny Green got cut from the Cavaliers yesterday. The show in Cleveland must go on and tonight […]

  • 10 Years Old

    As of tomorrow morning, an entire decade will have gone by since I became a father for the first time. Our first born and the child affectionately known as “the […]

  • TFK Concert Debrief

    As I have mentioned more times than I can count, “The Boy” and I went to see Thousand Foot Krutch and Hawk Nelson Saturday at SonFest. There were many bands […]

  • The Faith of Tyler Hansbrough

    If you have followed this blog for any time at all, you know how I feel about the following: 1) “The Boy” 2) The North Carolina Tar Heels 3) Tyler […]

  • Pitching out of trouble

    I won’t act like I’m not a proud Papa. “The Boy” has become the top pitcher on his team already this spring. He has started both scrimmages (one against the […]

  • Want To Support “The Boy”?

    Even though there are several inches of snow on the ground outside, travel baseball has already begun for 2010. “The Boy” and his team began indoor practice about a week […]

  • What I’ve Learned in Coaching

    By now it’s probably no secret what a few of my passions in this life are. I love sports, the Tar Heels and more important than any of those things, […]

  • If The Boy Was President…

    “The Boy” sent me a Power Point presentation that he put together this morning. Yes, you read that correctly. My 9 year old actually put together an entire Power Point. […]

  • A Night To Remember!

    Wow. Alright, let me just get the only bad part of the our Opening Night visit to Conseco Field House for the Pacers game out of the way…Tyler Hansbrough (the […]

  • “The Boy’s” Big Night

    Thanks to the ultimate hook up from a great friend, “The Boy” and I were in the arena 2 hours before tip off of the Cavaliers and Celtics game at […]

  • Birthday Recap

    Although “the boy’s” birthday was Tuesday, we officially wrap up the festivities tomorrow. First off, the Hansbrough Pacer’s jersey was a huge hit. He hasn’t worn it yet but I […]

  • Because…A Letter To My Son

      In the morning, our son will officially celebrate his 9th birthday. I can’t even type those words without wondering where the last 9 years went. I can’t seem to […]

  • Anything Like Me

    In just one week, “the boy” will officially turn 9 years old. It is beyond my understanding where the last 9 years went. They always say it goes too fast […]

  • Dear Sons

    Incredible video filled with wisdom and knowledge. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JAQw9Ryte8]

  • Go Pack Go!

    There was a positive tonight on my flight back to Columbus. I had the pleasure and I mean pleasure of sitting next to #80 from the Green Bay Packers, Donald […]

  • Summer Fun

    “The Boy” wanted needed a haircut so we decided to have a little fun with it. He said he wanted a mohawk, so who was I to argue? You have […]

  • Three Athletes, One God

    I mentioned it before, but “the boy” asks an interesting question rather frequently as we watch sporting events. The question is simple, but often I cannot give a clear answer. […]

  • Title Town

    One thing I will never do is apologize for being a proud father. For the second straight summer “the boy” has been on a championship little league team. Last year […]

  • Just Like You

    Couldn’t sleep last night. Many things racing through my mind. At the front of those thoughts was what this song talks about. “The Boy” is getting older. I have a […]

  • Proud Papa!

    The parent of another player on “The Boys” baseball team captured one of his two home runs on Monday night on film. I had to share. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yqZSFd4bqw]

  • My Blue Heaven!

    In a few short weeks we’re packing up the “family truckster“, setting the GPS for Outer Banks and spending a week on the beaches of North Carolina. As if that […]

  • One Shining Moment

    About a month ago when our beloved Tar Heels were on top of the NCAA polls, I placed a call to a great friend that has connections in the Dayton […]

  • Awana Grand Prix

    It’s that time of year again. This is the first year that we have two entries into the Awana Grand Prix on Friday night. This is the first for our […]

  • Pride

    The photo above is of my first born and only son. He is the “spittin’ image” of me and this apple fell way too close to the tree. His passions […]

  • Why I Run…

    This was left on my desk last night by “The Boy”.

  • Arms Wide Open

    Strange day for me today. When the calendar page turned to the 6th of October, my first born turned 8 years old. Not only is he our first born child, […]


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