The Table Project

A few months ago I took on the project of building a new church website for Journey Church where my wife and I attend. This wasn’t a task that I just raised my hand for, I volunteered because it’s my passion and a place God has wired (no pun intended) me. I’ll let others debate if it’s a spiritual gift or not, but I know this much….we should serve the church where our passion meets our knowledge. When that happens, the church is alive with people serving each other and advancing His Kingdom. Building our website has already been a … Continue reading The Table Project

Introducing oqobo

If you visited the blog over the course of the last 24 hours you might have noted that it was going through a bit of a move (more of a transition than normal I guess I should say). I am thrilled to announce today that I am hosted with Through the course of some internet rabbit trails, I found Oqobo and was inspired by their mission statement. We got in contact with one another and as of this post, I am now hosted through their FaithBase Pro account. They were extremely supportive through the move and I recommend them … Continue reading Introducing oqobo

Going Mobile Again!

Just a heads up that I am going mobile Sunday/Monday again. I’m off to Norfolk, Virginia this time for a presentation and game at the Harbor Park. For those interested, I’ll be “Twittering” and Moble blogging along the way. I’ve also done some work around the blog to keep up with the latest web tools. As you probably noted I now have the 6 latest Twitter Updates showing in the sidebar to the right under “Quick Posts”. I also plan to utilize my “Right Brain” blog This will allow for Mobile photo posting among other things. In terms of … Continue reading Going Mobile Again!

I'm Going Mobile!!

I’m leaving VERY early in the morning on a flight to Houston. I’ve got a presentation at ENRON Field Minute Maid Park just prior to the Astros game against the Giants. I’ll have a daily recap of Twitter posts which will hit this blog around 10pm. You can always follow me on Twitter throughout the day (HERE) and in the sidebar. Ain’t technology grand? With that I am off to get a picture of that flag pole in centerfield! Continue reading I'm Going Mobile!!

I’m Going Mobile!!

I’m leaving VERY early in the morning on a flight to Houston. I’ve got a presentation at ENRON Field Minute Maid Park just prior to the Astros game against the Giants. I’ll have a daily recap of Twitter posts which will hit this blog around 10pm. You can always follow me on Twitter throughout the day (HERE) and in the sidebar. Ain’t technology grand? With that I am off to get a picture of that flag pole in centerfield! Continue reading I’m Going Mobile!!

I Finally Gave In

I tried. I really did. The pressure has gotten to me. I finally broke down and opened up a Muxtape. I’m not sure what this thing will look sound like at this point, but the technology is just too fun to pass up (see also Twitter and Facebook). I have a feeling I will be rotating the playlist quite a bit. You have my promise that it will be “safe for the whole family”. It will be as all over the place as this blog is though. Enjoy! Link – Feed – Continue reading I Finally Gave In

Readers Choice

Okay so I posted this last night, only to pull it back. One thing I forgot is that it would still hit the RSS Readers and Email Subscription friends out there. I have received a few emails asking where it was. Since I so kindly asked you to comment and then didn’t leave a place…for you to comment, here it is. Thanks to those that have responded “off-line”. I am interested in the thoughts of everyone else too. I have officially reached a cross road with my blog. Since I cannot seem to figure out which way to go, I … Continue reading Readers Choice

Who Knew?

I got an interesting email today. I never in my wildest dreams knew that my blog was being evaluated. If I would have known I would have done a little something to spruce the place up a bit. However here is the email that I received: Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.0 score out of (10) in the Personal Blogs category of This is quite an achievement! We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style. After carefully reviewing each of these … Continue reading Who Knew?

Me and My Treo

A year ago I purchased a Treo for work. Little did I know at the time what news this device would deliver in the next 365 days. I couldn’t help but think of that today as I received an unexpected call with some very good news. I won’t go into details here, but it was something I had not anticipated and it left me speechless. I then used the same device to call my wife and give her the good news. After those calls I sat thinking about how this one piece of technology has the power to change an … Continue reading Me and My Treo

100,000…Who Knew?

I am somewhat hesitant to post this, but will do it nonetheless. When I started this thing nearly 3 years ago, who knew that one day it would reach 100,000 hits? I have never done this for the hits. To be honest, I never even anticipated that anyone would read it. It’s a special day so I thought I would share it with each of you that made it possible. 100,000 actually represents the hits that this blog has received since appearing on about a year ago. Prior to that, it has been on just about every blog provider … Continue reading 100,000…Who Knew?

Easter Eggs

You may or may not know this, but many DVD’s come with a hidden feature called an “Easter Egg“. They are hidden gems on DVD’s that might include additional features or commentary. Well in case you missed it, I put an Easter Egg on this blog yesterday too. A few people found it already so maybe I didn’t do a very good job hiding it. After some conversation with Jeremy, I pulled the trigger on something I have been wanting to do for a long time now. We both are trying something and it will be interesting see how it … Continue reading Easter Eggs

Time Killer Wednesday

I have not posted anything 80’s lately. I had to get my fix, so I hit this 80’s music quiz tonight. If you’re looking to kill a little time today, why not moon walk over to The 80’s Lyrics Quiz and see how you do. I am both saddened and amazed that I did relatively well. Still couldn’t tell you who won the war of 18-whatever…but I know my 80’s lyrics! Here’s my score: Would you believe I missed the lyrics to a certain Peter Gabriel song from a certain movie that is one of my all time favorites? Let … Continue reading Time Killer Wednesday

Being Me…

I have been hit HARD by a little 24 hour virus, so this is the first chance I have had to get back into the matrix a bit. I found this link sometime last week and just had to share it. Most of you probably know this, but I am color blind. No big deal, it is what it is. Doesn’t really bother me at all. What is funny though is that people often ask me the strangest questions about being color blind. The number one question I get is “So all you see is black and white?” Help has … Continue reading Being Me…

Annual Tradition

I’ve already posted “Sesame Street Thanksgiving”, but the other annual tradition which usually goes out via email (and still might) is the sending of the link for Snowcraft. Several years ago, I stumbled across this game and look forward to it every year. In case you have never played it, I warn you…it is HIGHLY addicting! Below are the link and the directions. Happy Hunting! The Link – Directions – Click and hold down the left mouse button (red team) to move and arm your players with snowballs. Release the button to throw the snow ball. Hit the other teams … Continue reading Annual Tradition

Christmas is Coming…

Christmas is coming, this blog is getting fat. Please put a nickel in this bloggers hat. That was terrible, but hey, I figured it was worth a try. I heard about this site called BLURB.COM that will take your entire blog and publish it in a book form. I thought this was a very cool idea, then I caught the pricing. So, if you’re in the giving mood and have lots of money to spend, Christmas is just around the corner. Wouldn’t a hard cover copy of “Arms Wide Open” look nice on your coffee table (sarcasm included)? Donations graciously … Continue reading Christmas is Coming…

Behind the Blog

I have blogged this before, but I am a big fan of a guy named Gabe Taviano. Through some mutual friends, Gabe and I were able to meet one another about a year ago. Gabe has been blessed by God with an incredible gift with technology and web design. When we met for lunch, we discussed some visions that God laid on our hearts. One that he was just getting ready to launch was the Godsmac podcast. 32 episodes later, our paths have crossed again. I recently had the blessing of being interviewed for the Godmac Podcast to discuss both … Continue reading Behind the Blog

Supply and Demand…

I have had a few requests to add an email subscription option to the blog. You might have noted that I have been posting more often, on a wider variety of topics, so I thought it might be a good time to add that option. As far as I know, this will deliver the previous days posts to your inbox first thing in the morning. The link can be found in the sidebar to the right. You can also get there by clicking HERE. Continue reading Supply and Demand…

And So it Starts….

Maybe it was the early hour that I had to be at the airport this morning (5am), Maybe it was the boredom when I got there. It might have been a case of my son finally wearing me down. Whatever it was, as of about an hour ago, we officially adopted our first “Webkinz”. I’d like to introduce you all to “Lightning”. He was officially born in March, but adopted today. I have no clue what I have gotten myself into here, so if any of you have had the same lapse in judgement and adopted one too, I’d appreciate … Continue reading And So it Starts….

We Got Tunes!

I for one am thrilled about the announcement today for users. Now I can get back to posting tunes right into my posts. In honor of the big news, here is one of my favorite songs from 2006. This is called “Waitin’ on a Woman” by Brad Paisley from his CD “Time Well Wasted”. Being that I have 3 in my house that I don’t mind “waitin’” on, I can appreciate this song. Give it a listen. Until next post, “keep your feet on the ground and keep reachin’ for the stars” Continue reading We Got Tunes!

Technology Meets Eternity

While this Blog may never bring me fortune or fame (that is not the intent by the way), the friendships and connections it has created are far richer. Here is a quick example: About 6 weeks ago, one of the blog faithful, Mark, helped me acquire (buy) a 30GB Black iPod. I didn’t realize just how very cool this product was until I discovered the “Podcast”. If you are not familiar, this is NOT what you get for a broken iPod (get it…?), it is one of the newest and coolest ways to hear from people all over the web. … Continue reading Technology Meets Eternity


I love hearing and seeing stories about people that experience clear evidence of Gods plan in their lives. For most of us, I venture to say that we share these stories after the clearing of a storm. There comes a calm and a chance to see just what that was all about. Then there are those rare moments when you can see clearly that God is up to something, you are just now quite sure what it is. On Wednesday, I received an email from a friend that thought I might want to link up to another blog that she … Continue reading Used!

A Little Dumber With Each Post

While computers were designed to make us smarter and more efficient, I think I am actually regressing with each tap on the keyboard. You see, I recently left the creature comforts of, which included the safety net of a spell checker, for the “smarter” WordPress. While I love the capabilities of the software, posting has become a real adventure. Let me explain. Without a spell checker, I am forced to copy the entire post into something like Word, Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo mail. The next step is to run the post through their spell check to find all of the … Continue reading A Little Dumber With Each Post