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  • The Table Project

    A few months ago I took on the project of building a new church website for Journey Church where my wife and I attend. This wasn’t a task that I […]

  • Introducing oqobo

    If you visited the blog over the course of the last 24 hours you might have noted that it was going through a bit of a move (more of a […]

  • Going Mobile Again!

    Just a heads up that I am going mobile Sunday/Monday again. I’m off to Norfolk, Virginia this time for a presentation and game at the Harbor Park. For those interested, […]

  • I’m Going Mobile!!

    I’m leaving VERY early in the morning on a flight to Houston. I’ve got a presentation at ENRON Field Minute Maid Park just prior to the Astros game against the […]

  • I Finally Gave In

    I tried. I really did. The pressure has gotten to me. I finally broke down and opened up a Muxtape. I’m not sure what this thing will look sound like […]

  • Readers Choice

    Okay so I posted this last night, only to pull it back. One thing I forgot is that it would still hit the RSS Readers and Email Subscription friends out […]

  • Who Knew?

    I got an interesting email today. I never in my wildest dreams knew that my blog was being evaluated. If I would have known I would have done a little […]

  • Me and My Treo

    A year ago I purchased a Treo for work. Little did I know at the time what news this device would deliver in the next 365 days. I couldn’t help […]

  • 100,000…Who Knew?

    I am somewhat hesitant to post this, but will do it nonetheless. When I started this thing nearly 3 years ago, who knew that one day it would reach 100,000 […]

  • Is Blogging Prideful?

    Maybe this is a rhetorical question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Would you say that blogging is a prideful exercise? Based on the sermon that created the two posts below, […]

  • Easter Eggs

    You may or may not know this, but many DVD’s come with a hidden feature called an “Easter Egg“. They are hidden gems on DVD’s that might include additional features […]

  • Time Killer Wednesday

    I have not posted anything 80’s lately. I had to get my fix, so I hit this 80’s music quiz tonight. If you’re looking to kill a little time today, […]

  • Being Me…

    I have been hit HARD by a little 24 hour virus, so this is the first chance I have had to get back into the matrix a bit. I found […]

  • Annual Tradition

    I’ve already posted “Sesame Street Thanksgiving”, but the other annual tradition which usually goes out via email (and still might) is the sending of the link for Snowcraft. Several years […]

  • Christmas is Coming…

    Christmas is coming, this blog is getting fat. Please put a nickel in this bloggers hat. That was terrible, but hey, I figured it was worth a try. I heard […]

  • Behind the Blog

    I have blogged this before, but I am a big fan of a guy named Gabe Taviano. Through some mutual friends, Gabe and I were able to meet one another […]

  • Supply and Demand…

    I have had a few requests to add an email subscription option to the blog. You might have noted that I have been posting more often, on a wider variety […]

  • And So it Starts….

    Maybe it was the early hour that I had to be at the airport this morning (5am), Maybe it was the boredom when I got there. It might have been […]

  • We Got Tunes!

    I for one am thrilled about the announcement today for wordpress.com users. Now I can get back to posting tunes right into my posts. In honor of the big news, […]

  • Technology Meets Eternity

    While this Blog may never bring me fortune or fame (that is not the intent by the way), the friendships and connections it has created are far richer. Here is […]

  • Used!

    I love hearing and seeing stories about people that experience clear evidence of Gods plan in their lives. For most of us, I venture to say that we share these […]

  • A Little Dumber With Each Post

    While computers were designed to make us smarter and more efficient, I think I am actually regressing with each tap on the keyboard. You see, I recently left the creature […]


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