Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Here are the images from our annual neighborhood Easter Egg hunt this morning. The kids had a great time and Wubzzy has become the neighborhood rock star. All the kids know his name and all of the parents say “This is the little guy I’ve been hearing about”. The funniest part of the morning was […]

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The End Of My Rope

Image by CheshireCat@TO via Flickr We continue to accumulate tools to help our new puppy “Wubzzy” acclimate himself to our world and home. I never realized how high maintenance a puppy is, but hopefully all of the purchases are working towards a common goal. The most recent acquisition is a chain with one of those […]

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Bad Sock!

Image via Wikipedia In order to get a better handle on “Wubzzy”, over the weekend I picked up a copy of “Puppies for Dummies“. I figured I would it would be perfect for me because we have a puppy and, well, I’m a… you get the idea. I’m sure by the time I finish this 365 […]

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No Wubzzy! Wubzzy NO!

It is amazing how quickly life can change. In just three short days, our household has been turned completely upside down by a furry little 3 month old named “Wubzzy”. Here are just a few of the changes to come our way: All bedroom doors must now be closed due to socks, slippers, pillows and […]

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Welcome Home Wubzzy!

I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family. This is “Wubzzy”. He came home tonight to 3 very excited little ones (2 grown adults were pretty excited too). He is a Basset Hound/Chow mix and 3 months old. I swore I would never do this again, but the older I […]

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