Memory Lane

I had to do a quick repost. Important note..THIS IS A REPOST! We’re not expecting a child.¬†We were, however, expecting our third child 4 years ago when North Carolina was set to play for the National Championship. Those that have been here since the beginning might remember the chain of events that started the nightContinue reading “Memory Lane”

An 80's Christmas

First off let me say that my commentary below takes nothing away from the heart of what this song was all about. Imagine what this world would be like if we all had the vision and heart of Bob Geldof. That being said…. See how many mullets you count was you watch this video. It’sContinue reading “An 80's Christmas”

Four For Friday

I can’t believe I almost forgot about the weekly randomness that is Four For Friday! That may tell you the level of stress I was under the past 48 hours. It’s been an absolutely CRAZY week. Missed Reunions, connecting with old friends, surgery, healing, meetings, presentations, meetings, and one other thing…meetings. With all of thatContinue reading “Four For Friday”